About Us

We are a small business located in Utah. We are 3D printer enthusiasts. We've been through the learning process figuring out how to work with different materials, and we know that a good enclosure is key to getting great prints and protecting yourself from harmful toxins. We started Boxomo Enclosures because we were disappointed at the lack of good options for enclosures on the market. Our mission is to create well-designed, high-performing, customizable 3D printer enclosures that perfectly meet your needs. We want every 3D printer enthusiast, or business that relies on 3D printing, to have the tools to make the best prints possible.


What makes us different?

Our enclosures have many features that other enclosures do not, most importantly a better overall ventilation and temperature regulation system. And, while we may be biased, we do believe our enclosures look the best.

Full Foam Cord Seal: Each enclosure comes with form cord to seal all edges

Ventilation System: We have a ready-to-use ventilation system at a reasonable price

Duct option (to ventilate out a window): This is safer than a filter, because 3D printers can put out particles that are extremely small, and filters can never catch all of them.

Separate Temperature Regulation Fan Option: This is very important, because in other enclosures, you have to turn off the ventilation fan if the enclosure needs to get hotter. However, filaments that need hotter enclosures, like ABS, are the more dangerous filaments that most need ventilation. One competitor even said to turn off the fan when printing ABS so that the enclosure can get hot. But without a fan, you have no negative pressure and no removal of fumes and particles, so they can easily escape the enclosure. Our system is designed so that you can keep the ventilation running continually while still having enough heat for hot prints, and separate temperature regulation fans near the electronics and print bed to cool things off when things get too hot.

Automatic Temperature Control Option: We have a temperature control that automatically turns cooling fans on when the temperature gets to a certain temperature that you set. This makes it easy to ensure the enclosure doesn't get too hot.

Fire Resistant Panels: We are the only company that uses UL-94 V-0 rated fire resistant panels.

Light Fixture Option: Other comapnies often sell a "light kit" but it is often just a string of LED lights. Our light kit uses LED lights, but they are attached to aluminum bars and connected with 3D printed corners, providing a ready-made fixture that is extremely bright. Not only that, but our light fixtures come with dimmable switches so you can change the lighting how you like it.

Made in the USA: Our enclosures are made in the USA from domestic and global materials.