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"Since I now have two of these enclosures, I'd say I'm a fan."

-Stephen S.

"Ever since I've gotten sick last year from Covid, my lungs get irritated very easily from 3D printing PLA. There's plenty of DIY enclosures out there, but I don't have the time. It was easy to piece together, looks pretty cool, and it vents the irritants away"

-Steven M.

"Enclosures are well made with easy to follow directions. I bought primarily to reduce fume exposure from printing and this enclosure, plus the addition of ducting and fans, has prevented any noticeable fumes."

-Jay T.

Keep your home or workspace free from toxic fumes

Learn more about 3d printer safety

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Choose from our many options to get the exact enclosure you need. Get the right enclosure for MMUs, ventilation, and temperature regulation.

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Produce stunning 3D prints with better temperature and heat regulation

Achieve exceptional prints by using our 3D printer enclosure to regulate heat for your high-grade plastics