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The Boxomo 5.3 with Ventilation Cut-Outs (Fits Prusa i3 MK3S)

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This enclosure has cut-outs for only a ventilation duct or for a ventilation duct and two temperature-regulator fans.

**IMPORTANT: This does NOT come with ventilation or temperature regulation parts, duct, fans, or controls, only cut outs for these items. If you wish to purchase these parts, please see our Ventilation Kit or our Temperature Regulation and Ventilation Kit. This kit does also NOT come with lights as shown in some pictures.


  • Fire-resistant poly-carbonate panels
  • Aluminum frame
  • Rubber grip door handle
  • 3D Printed PETG hinges and door frame components
  • Power cord pass through
  • Door with magnetic latch
  • Filament spool holder with spool retention clip and and filament guide
  • Cut-out for a ventilation duct (in the back)
  • Optional: Two cut-outs for fans (on the sides) and PETG 3D printed fan gates with 10 levels of adjustable air flow.

*Note, the enclosure comes unassembled. Assembly takes a few hours. There are step-by-step instructions for easy set-up. You will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver. You can preview the instructions by visiting our resource page here

Perfect for: 

  • Those who want an enclosure with ventilation capabilities (or who may also want to add temperature regulation capabilities)

This printer is designed to fit the Prusa i3 MK3S (with or without an MMU unit), although it can be used for any printer that fits inside. When considering the internal dimensions, please be sure to account for total travel of the build plate (not just stationary measurements). 

  • Internal dimensions: 23"L x 20"W x 20"H
  • External dimensions: 24.125"L  x 21.125"W x 21.125"H
  • Maximum doorway dimensions with door attached: 18.375"W x 19.375"H 
  • Internal Volume: 5.324 cubic feet
  • Materials: Poly-carbonate panels, aluminum (frame), and 3D printed ABS/PETG plastic (hinges, power cord pass through, filament spool holder with retention clip and filament guide, and optional fan gates)

Please note that the enclosure does not significantly reduce the noise of the of the 3D printer.

Please allow 3-5 business days for handling and processing.

Made in the USA from global materials.

Because panels and frames are easily damaged (scratched), we cannot accept most returns. Please see our Return Policy here for details before purchasing. 

Have an enclosure or feature idea that you don't see available? Email us at We love feedback on how to improve our offerings to meet the needs of our customers.

Please email us at if you do not see your country as a shipping option on our checkout page. We can most likely add your country to our options.

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adam t.
United States United States

worth the money

I will admit the initial order that was shipped came with parts that were for a different sized enclosure and I was furious having spent two hours assembling what I could only to come to a complete stop. Additionally, there was no phone number to talk directly to a customer service agent, which, further angered me. I had to communicate through email and having made a significantly expensive purchase that was not ideal. I also found the instructions to be vague and some of the items were not referenced in the manual. I had to go to you tube and watch a 42-second promo in slow motion over and over to visually see what was meant to happen. NOW, that is an honest portion of my review, I will honestly tell you that I was close to returning the enclosure because I am not a patient person and when everything didn't work as it was supposed to I simply started looking elsewhere. I am so glad I did not return the item. Boxomo overnight expressed the correct parts, and while the communication chain was slow, once the problem was addressed they were very helpful. I had questions about the assembly and the parts that were not mentioned, not only did they answer my questions, they even thanked me for bringing to their attention the vague, and missing information they additionally said that they were going back to add this information to the instructions to make assembly easier. (who knows if they do or not, it was nice that they addressed my concern without calling me an idiot) Post assembly review, This enclosure is FANTASTIC! it does what it was meant to do while looking phenomenal doing it. I opted for the light kit, temperature control accessories and additional vents model for my Prusa i3 mk3s I am more than impressed and highly recommend this enclosure.

John M.
United States United States

Good Enclosure

I really like the enclosure. The parts were of good quality and the build was easy. The instructions were clear for the most part. It would be helpful to describe the desired airflow of the ventilation fans. I'm using a Prusa MK2S and with the temperature regulation kit there is not much clearance between the intake fans and the printer. It fits but it is close. Additionally, the spool holder could be a bit larger to accommodate wider spools and possibly tweaked to allow for a smoother unroll of the filament. In the end, I'm very happy with my purchase and have already had some success with "problem" filaments that were negatively impacted by a non-enclosed environment.


Boxomo Enclosures

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will clarify that in the instruction manual, and take into consideration your other comments about the spool holder and size. Glad to hear you are having success with more difficult filaments!