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Ventilation Kit

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Our ventilation kit comes with the following:

  • 3D printed adapter from the enclosure to the duct (if you buy an enclosure with a ventilation cut-out, you will already have one, but this can be used for further customization)
  • 10 ft. of 4" ventilation duct
  • Two hose clamps
  • 120mm fan for ventilation duct
  • Bolts and nuts for installation
  • Power bricks for fans

*Please note that all plugs are US plugs, and at this time we do not supply adapters or converters for other countries. 

This kit will help you ventilate the air from your 3D printer, but will not provide temperature regulation. See our Temperature Control and Ventilation Kit for these items.

**Note, you can download the file for the 3D printed adapter from the enclosure to the duct for free on our Resources page if you want to make your own ventilation system.

Please see our Return Policy here for details before purchasing. 

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Torrance L.
United States United States
Solid enclosure. Door could use some work.

tl;dr: pros: - very sturdy - no smell unless I stick my head in the box cons: - door sags. its not bad enough to affect the ability to maintain negative pressure, but it makes the door magnet useless. The enclosure is solid. The included instructions did not match my enclosure, but I have a big brain and figured it out by matching the aluminum frame pieces with the side panel pieces. I caulked all the gaps along the frame - both inside and outside. The door was given an additional gasket to act as a stop block. Now I can push the door right up against the gasket I placed myself and know there is a seal. The enclosure is noticeably toasty and a high-power inline fan (740cfm) causes the panels to bend inward. I also noticed a high pitched whistling sound as a bonus. I ran the high-power inline fan for 24 hours and didn't notice any new leaks or damage. Very sturdy build. I switched back to the included fan and found it sufficient to remove any PLA fumes. My biggest issue is that the door sags. This is because gap between the holes in the panel and the screws in the hinge allows it gravity to pull it down after a few days of normal use. Ability to maintain negative pressure is not affected by the sag, but I rely on friction between the door and the bottom gasket the door rubs against to keep it closed. The sag is bad enough to render the magnet useless as the door wants to swing to the lowest point - which is somewhere in front of the enclosure and not inline with the magnet. The magnets are not strong enough to hold the door shut even if I push them together. Mildly annoying, but as stated above, does not affect the fume safety functionality of this enclosure. Maybe a CNC aluminum frame would fix this? In my opinion, an aluminum door frame with some gaskets to give it a more airtight seal, premium look, and premium experience would be a worthwhile upgrade.

Stephen S.
United States United States
ventilation kit

I've got this hooked up but I've not used it yet. I have used the fan just to test it. it all seems pretty solid. I've not printed with any materials that require the ventilation yet which is the only I've not really fully utilized the kit.